In case you aren’t familiar with the word, a shared office space is an abstractly defined location used as a traditional office. The trend is a result of today’s way of working. The future of digitalization is taking over traditional office jobs and has rapidly changed the way we work – enabling everyone to work out of office with the right software.

One of the biggest drivers of this trend is the emergence of entrepreneurs, freelance and arising start-ups – shaping the future of office space through the supply and demand chain. But why are shared office spaces so appealing in the first place?

1. Cheap

No need to go into discussion on how expensive buying or even renting an office in the city centre is today. With membership fees that can get as low as $50 a month (500SEK), shared spaces have a major advantage for entrepreneurs with small budgets and uncertain futures.

2. Fewer responsibilities

When signing up for shared office space, cleaning and maintenance are taken care of by the property owner. Most of the annoying tasks and responsibilities are already accounted for.

3. Expanding your professional networking

Dozens of other professionals occupying the same office space as you and demographics will likely change every month. It’s a perfect place to expand your network.

4. No strings attached

Thanks to the digitalization, and the fast turnover rate for tech start-ups, launching your business from scratch happens fast these days. Leases tend to cover periods of several years but a shared office space can be reduced down to the hour.

5. Dream location

Shared office spaces usually occupy urban centers, making them a perfect fit to a dream location. Central locations encourage you to explore the city with access to unlimited range of stores, restaurants, and entertainment – convenient and mutually accessible.

So where can I get me one of those memberships?!

If you are looking for a space for you or/and your team to work from for an hour, day, week, month or year then Regus offers locations in Airports, Libraries, Shopping malls, Hotels, Universities and even Railway stations in 120 countries.
If you are more of the jet set entrepreneur who´s looking for a luxurious solution where you can focus on work and work only then Convendum will take care of both your back office and social life in their properties – offering everything between conference service to breakfast club and after work. Maybe you are searching for the ultimate flexible solution Palaver solves your problems for only 50 bucks (499SEK) a month. The membership offers hourly space in luxurious hotel lounges, fine dining restaurants and urban cafés. Including free Wi-Fi and endless refill of coffee.

Not only do creativity blossom when working in a changing environment but an effect to that – a rapidly growing professional network. Diwo have developed digital workplaces for many of Sweden’s largest companies, evolving work from stationary computers and desktops to a mobile first solutions – radically changing the current way of working, both enabling a new how and a new where!

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//Sofia Caravaggi